I can't thank the lovely ladies here enough! They take such good care of Roxy when she stays in the kennels! She always comes back such a happy doggy! I was so nervous of boarding her as she has only ever stayed with family, but she loves it and always has a waggy tail when we arrive and she sees the ladies! To the point where if I go anywhere for more than a day she now comes here on her jollys to rob royd! I mean come on who wouldn't, lots of fusses, attention and sausage and biscuit treat runs! I might even stay next time! Joking aside I'm so grateful the way they take care of Roxy and I can go away knowing she is so well taken care of and it leaves my mind at ease knowing she's happy!


Our two cats have just returned from their first holiday at Robroyd’s. It was their first time in a cattery and our first time leaving them for so long. I could not be happier with the whole experience. Dawn puts you so at ease and it’s clear to tell she genuinely enjoys looking after your pets. Such a lovely cattery and our two boys returned very happy. I could not recommend this place enough and we won’t hesitate to send our boys back here again! Thank you so much!


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